What Is Warple?

Warple is a variant of the reputable word-guessing game, the Wordle game. In the Warple game, you also must find a secret five-letter English word within six guesses, like the original version. At first sight, you will see everything in this spin-off resembles the Wordle game: the graphics, gameplay, rules, and hints.

But, one point that differentiates the Warple from the Wordle game is the number of times you can enjoy it in a day.

While in the original version, you must wait until the next day to get a new round, you can play unlimitedly in the Warple game. This variant is literally considered a history of Wordle by containing all the previous rounds of the world-famous game.

How To Play The Warple Game?

You can make your guess in the Warple game with your physical keyboard or the virtual keyboard on the screen. After forming your potential word, don’t forget to press Enter to submit your guess.

Moreover, you only have six tries to discover the hidden five-letter English word. No count-down time is applied to the game, so you can spend the whole day figuring out your answer.

When you finish the allowed six guesses, you don’t need to wait for a long time for the game to reset with a new word. In contrast, you can have a new game just by refreshing the webpage.

The secret word of the day will be based on the previous solution words in Wordle. So, this is a great change to practice before you really dive into the real Wordle game.

You can check your results by pressing the count-down clock icon on the top left corner of the screen.

How To Understand The Warple Game’s Hints?

Three color hints will guide you closer to the game’s correct results, which is no different from the Wordle game.

  • The letter colored gray is the one not included in the secret word, so you should avoid reusing it.
  • The letter colored yellow will appear in the hidden word but not in the position you have placed it. For this reason, you must alter the yellow letter’s position.
  • The letter colored green is the precise guess. You win the game if all the letters of your guesses change to green.
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