A Quick Glance At Weddle

If you are a fan of puzzle games, the Wordle game must be familiar to you. The word-guessing game has created a new trend in developing a game that is fully compatible with almost every device and suitable to play for people of any age.

The developer team of Weddle also follows the factors contributing to the success of Wordle to bring this variant to the public.

In the Weddle game, players must complete a guessing challenge, like in the Wordle game. Yet, the hidden object is not a random English word, but it is the name of a random NFL player. Therefore, you must acquire decent knowledge and enthusiasm in American football to achieve a victory in the game.

The Weddle Game Rules

Although the gameplay of Weddle resembles that of the Wordle game, guessing the right answer in a specific amount of allowed tries, there are some differences.

When playing Weddle, players will have 8 times to submit the potential guesses. You will win the game if you can find the hidden player’s name within 8 tries. Besides, the target of players is not an English word, but it is the name of an NFL player.

The Weddle Game’s Playing Tutorial

You can guess the player’s name by typing his name on the blank box. Fortunately, you don’t need to remember the entire name of the player because a list of names will drop down once you type relevant letters.

Or else, you can press the downward arrow on the right corner of the box to see the name list and tap or click on the potential name you can think of. After you choose a name, a list of hints will pop up.

Hints In The Weddle Game

Some statistics and information about the player you pick will show up to guide you closer to the correct answer:

  • The “Team” column shows you the player’s team.
  • The “DIV” column indicates the division in which the player plays.
  • The “POS” column shows the player’s position in the team.
  • The “Ht” column represents the player’s height.
  • The “Age” column tells you how old the player is.
  • The “#” column demonstrates the number on the player’s jersey.
  • Apart from these figures, directional arrows and two colors will help you out:

  • The feature colored green is a sign of a perfect guess. The secret player possesses the same feature as the green one you have picked.
  • The yellow color indicates a nearly correct guess. If the figures are numbers, like Age, Height, or Number, the precise answers can be two digits more or less from your guess. Interestingly, you can determine the upper or lower numbers by looking at the directional arrows.
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