Weird Wordle

Weird Wordle Game - What Is It?

Firstly, let’s have a brief overview of the wordle game. It is literally a game-changer in the puzzle game community. Since its release, the title has obtained millions of players worldwide within a few months. The key factors behind its phenomenal success must be the interesting and simple gameplay, along with the excellent compatibility with almost every device.

After Wordle became a legendary icon in the puzzle game community, many spin-offs were developed and shared on the Internet for Wordle game lovers. And the Weird Wordle game is such a variant.

As the name suggests, the Weird Wordle game still maintains the word-guessing engine of the original version, but the developer slightly modifies the gameplay for a better experience.

Is Playing The Weird Wordle Game Easy?

Yes, there’s no game having an easier gameplay than the Weird Wordle game.

The most difficult thing is to find the correct hidden word. You can make your guess by typing the possible word into the blank space in the grid and pressing Enter to submit your guess.

The magic of Weird Wordle happens after you submit your guess. A specific number of square boxes will be added to the row after your submitted word. As a result, the number of letters will increase gradually according to the number of guesses you make.

From the initial five-letter word, the number of letters will increase to the amount depending on the number of the solution word.

The subsequent guess must contain more letters than the previous guess. One more special thing about the game is that you can type any word you like, whether it is correctly spelled or not. However, you must solve the puzzle within 5 tries, not 6 tries like in the Wordle game.

Meaning Of The Colors In The Weird Wordle Game

  • The red color indicates that the letter is not included in the hidden word.
  • The yellow color demonstrates the letter is contained in the solution word, but you must alter its position.
  • The green color tells you that the letter is a perfect choice. You win the game when all the letters in a row turn green after you submit your guess.
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