Where Taken

What To Know About Where Taken?

There are many puzzle games that have simple and basic graphics, like Wordle, Crossword, or Sudoku, but they still gain enormous success thanks to the exciting gameplay. However, there haven't been many titles with a geographical theme, even when many players love the tranquil and pristine beauty of nature around the world.

In this article, we will introduce Where Taken to you, which is a puzzle guessing game running on the theme of geographical location globally. The game will give you a photo of a random place in advance, then you will try to correctly guess the country where the photo was taken. That's why the game is named Where Taken.

How To Play The Where Taken Game

The Where Taken game is extremely easy to catch up with, and players of any age can soon get used to it. You will have six guesses to spot the country of the picture shown on the screen. The game is still available in the Daily Mode, which means you can enjoy one puzzle daily and have to wait up to 24 hours for a new round.

After you precisely pick the location of the photo, you can move on to the bonus questions in the game. Commonly, the additional questions are about the capital of the country and some related information about the capital or a city in that country.

You will have three extra questions in the Where Taken game. The more questions you can solve, the more excellent your performance is.

Explanation Of Hints In The Game

Like many puzzle games, Where Taken also provides players with hints.

After you submit your guess, you will see three clues: kilometers, directional arrows, and a percentage.

  • The kilometers show you how geographically far from the guessed location to the correct location.
  • The arrows tell you the direction from the guessed location to the precise place.
  • The percentage indicates how close you are to solving the game.
  • Apart from the clues, you can also opt for a trick to win the daily challenge. Many search engines allow users to search via an image, so you can capture the image of the game and search it on the Internet. The result will be somewhere on the Internet if you are willing to spend a few minutes to look it up.

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