Who Are Ya

A Quick Outlook Of The Who Are Ya Game?

The Who Are Ya game is a kind of quick-play guessing game, like the famous word-guessing game Wordle. However, this title doesn’t involve players guessing a word, and the mission is to spot the right football star hidden via a blurred picture.

The game is a piece of cake for any player who is living a soccer life by watching, playing soccer, and collecting soccer-related stuff daily. On the other hand, it can be challenging for players who have just started their passion for the sport.

The Who Are Ya Game Playing Tutorial

Firstly, you can decide whether to play the game in normal mode or hardcore mode by opening the blurred picture or not. You can make your guess by typing the name of the potential player in the guessing row.

You don’t have to remember the whole name of the soccer star because a list of names will drop down after you type a letter of the guessed name.

Then, you can click the name to submit your guess. The game allows you to try eight times before the game ends. Of course, this is not a blind-guessing game, and it will provide you with multiple hints to reach the answer easier.

The Hints Of The Who Are Ya Game

There are up to seven hints assisting you in getting closer to the correct answer in the Who Are Ya game. The clues will show up once you finish submitting a guess:

  • NAT: This hint will show you the nationality of the hidden player.
  • LGE: This hint tells you which soccer league the player is in.
  • TEAM: The football club the player is playing for.
  • POS: The position that the football player is specialized in.
  • AGE: You won’t know the player’s age exactly. The arrow will indicate the player’s real age is less or more than the age of the guessed player.
  • SHIRT: The shirt number can be interpreted as the age. The game won’t give you the precise shirt number but up or down from the guessed one.
  • The green color: Any hint that is colored green meaning that it matches.
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