Word Hurdle

What’s Word Hurdle?

The Word Hurdle game is best described as a mix between Scrabble, Mad Libs, and Wordle. Your goal is to guess a word correctly with as few tries as possible. That is why it poses both an interesting challenge to your mind and a good way to have fun.

As you are given an open setting, it stimulates your imagination to a new level and hones your mind in unexpected ways. It uses more letters than the classic Wordle game, so you won’t be able to utilize existing experience.

You can compete with your pals or family to see who comes up with the right answer first to spice things up even more.

How To Play The Word Hurdle Game?

Word Hurdle has a very simple rule, resembling its big brother - Wordle but with a 6-letter secret word. You have 6 attempts at figuring this word out. With each try, you can input a 6-letter word that makes sense and see if it’s right.

Due to this obsession with the number 6, the game’s main interface has a 6x6 square in front and center.

If any letter in that word does appear in the answer, you will see that letter changing color. When the letter is in its correct position, the color is blue. If the position is incorrect, the color is yellow. Otherwise, it will become gray.

A very interesting thing about this game is that the color scheme will apply to the on-screen keyboard as well, facilitating your next guesses.

Tips To Play Word Hurdle

The first thing that you should keep in mind is to never go for the ideal word at the first turn. You should try any random word and go from there. We do want to note that this first word should not have any repeating letters, as you want to maximize the chance of hitting a correct letter.

You should also look for prefixes and suffixes, as they can be appended into many different words for a new one.


Word Hurdle proves itself to be a good fit for anyone who is into word games. It’s both fun and challenging. You also get to hone your mind and vocabulary while enjoying it. What are you waiting for? Let’s start playing!

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