Word Master

What’s Word Master?

Wordle is the flagship game and the first thing you think of when anyone mentions word games. However, the game has become stale after so many iterations. That is when Word Master enters the scene.

It is a newly developed game following the success of Wordle. But it is not a copy, as there are many core differences between the two games. Their similarities end at both being word games and using a 5-letter word as the answer.

Word Master has a more forgiving gameplay, allowing its players to try out more combinations. As a result, you can have more fun playing the game without the fear of losing. This leads to many interesting and creative ideas being used.

This fun and addictive word game can hone your mind significantly with only 10 minutes of gameplay each day.

How To Play Word Master Game

It’s easy to play the game, as once you access the page, you are greeted with a letter grid. Word Master’s core rule is not that different from the classic Wordle game. You also need to guess a 5-letter word. Still, you are not limited to the usual 5 tries. Instead, you get 6 chances.

Once finished the inputting process, you just press “Enter,” and you will know if the word is correct or not. If there is any correct letter, it will turn green. A yellow tile equals a misplaced letter. A gray letter means that you should exclude it from your guess.

You have 3 modes to play:

Easy: you can type in 5 random letters, even if they form a meaningless word. Normal: you have to type in valid 5-letter words. Hard: You have to enter valid 5-letter words based on the given hints.

Tips For Playing Word Master

As we mentioned, you get more chances to play this game than Wordle, so you should never rush things. Be calm and take your time forming words, as you don’t want to make easily avoidable mistakes.

You should also be on the lookout for suffixes and prefixes, as they are easy to think of and appear in many words. As a result, you have a much higher chance to strike gold when using them.

The last tip is to play the game regularly. You will be surprised how quickly you can improve when you play more.


Word Master will surely satisfy every itch you have for word games. It is a perfect mix of vocabulary-honing challenges and good fun. You won’t be bored while your mind is honed more and more. No downloading is required, so you get to play it wherever and whenever you want.

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