Word Monsters

About Word Monsters

Word Monsters requires players' focused thinking and is a guessing word game with many challenges. We must admit that Unico Studio is very smart when combining two different genres in this puzzle game.

Based on the suggested letters on the screen, you must guess and form the right word. Each correct keyword will make your monster's size grow. It will gradually evolve into a new monster type if you feed it enough times.

Keep giving your exact answer to unlock the different versions of monsters!

How To Play

Start with the monster egg: Your task is to make this monster egg hatch by filling in the correct keywords. With 2 lines of characters, you must enter three, four, or more letters to create a meaningful word. The first level requires 3-letter keywords.

Unlock the different levels: When you complete a level, the difficulty will also increase. The length of a must-guess word is also longer. Connect the letters and use the support tools to help your more optimal guessing process.

Use support tools: On the left of the screen, there are three useful tools that you can use if you're not guessing a keyword. But, it is noticeable that they aren't free. It would help if you spent your coins (getting from guessing the right words before) to buy and use these tools.

  • Eraser: This tool allows you to delete the excess letters, but it costs 20 coins to remove a letter.
  • Converter: If you cannot guess the keyword through the provided letters, you can spend 10 coins to buy this tool, which will replace the old letter lines with others.
  • Bulb: This tool is the most expensive—40 coins for each use. It will give you a hint of a word to rely on and allow you to enter the rest of the letters.
  • Useful Tips for Guessing Effectively

    The higher the level, the more the guessing letters will be. So, you need:

    1. The faster you find a word, the more you can collect coins.
    2. It would be best if you spent coins to buy the support tools depending on your needs. The most helpful one is “Bulb,” which will give the exact answer if you buy all the letters.
    3. Don’t refill the previous word that you use because the game won’t recognize this.
    4. You might eliminate the unnecessary letters by filling in any meaningful word. Word Monsters will automatically remove it if it isn’t right.

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