What Is Wordinate?

The world of word games has become more familiar to puzzle game lovers thanks to the remarkable titles like Crossword, Hangman, and especially the wordle game. And now, we are excited to welcome another interesting word game called Wordinate.

This variant brings players a whole new way to guess the hidden word. Instead of typing the guessed word in the blank grid like other word-guessing games, the game allows players to make a guess by placing a letter into the blank spots on the grid, while other spots may be already filled with letters. For this reason, your excellent deduction will be your sidekick to solve the puzzle of the game.

How To Play The Wordinate Game?

At first look, the grid of Wordinate may be quite difficult for players. However, the given letters may be practical hints for players to guess the hidden word.

The game has a 7x8 grid, which means people will have 8 times to guess a seven-letter English word in the game. Besides, the grid is surrounded by some random letters colored in yellow and white. The yellow letters are available to use, whereas the white ones are just placed there as a distraction to you.

You can only use the yellow letters for the word guesses in the game because there are already some other letters placed in the grid for you. Notably, you can't decide to put the yellow letter on the desired spot on the grid as you want. On the contrary, once you tap or click a yellow letter, it will be automatically put in a random spot on the grid.

Consequently, after a few guesses, you must rely on logical thinking and deduction to find the most potential word combination from the given letters and the yellow ones. If you can see the correct word of the game, the line containing the word will turn into a slight blue color.

A Small Tip To Win

The only tip we can share with you to handle the Wordinate challenges is to carefully review the grid before clicking or tapping any yellow letter. By doing this, you can clearly see the letter combination which is nothing related to each other and realize some promising ones.

We bet that after 3-4 guesses, along with your decent word source, you can determine which letters are the missing pieces of the game's hidden word.

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