Wordle AT

What’s Wordle AT?

Get ready to test your German vocabulary skills with Wordle AT, a new yet immediately captivating variant of the world-class wordle game. Despite taking direct inspiration from Wordle, the game still significantly differs in gameplay.

After all, you are going to guess purely German words. This means you will need to use a whole new type of vocabulary. As the name suggests, it is made in Austria, so you should also expect some interesting twists while guessing the word.

How To Play Wordle AT

To play Wordle AT, the player must start with a five-letter German word to put in as their guess. If you are having problems with tricky German umlauts like ä, ö, or ü, remember that they are replaced with these combinations: AE, OE, and UE. In the same vein, the letter ß can be interchanged with SS.

After you have finished inputting your guess, hit either the checkmark button or your keyboard’s Enter button to submit it. If you are correct, the game ends. If not, the Wordle AT game will provide you with feedback to ensure that subsequent guesses can get closer to the correct answer.

When the letters turn green, they appear in the answer and are in the correct position. On the other hand, yellow means that the letter is in an incorrect position, but it still appears in the answer. Finally, you get a gray color for characters that don’t appear in the word.

Your job is to use these hints and refine your guess until you hit the correct answer or use up all chances. In total, you should get about six tries before the game ends.

Tips To Play Wordle AT

Use Vowels

Like English, German relies heavily on vowels. As a result, if you can pay close attention and increase the number of vowels in your guess, you will improve the odds of figuring the word out significantly. We recommend using these flexible words as strong starters for the first two tries.

Take Note Of Some 4- And 5-Letter German Words

As mentioned above, German has special umlauts and the character ß. These characters all need two letters to stand in for them. As such, you should be careful with original five-letter German words. These characters will turn the words into six-letter words.

On the other hand, they help tremendously with opening you up to a new world of opportunity with the four-letter German words. You can now pick from two sources of words, increasing the level of challenge and the fun factor for the game.


Wordle AT offers its players an engaging and fun way to test their knowledge of German. Whether you are a native speaker, a word puzzle lover, or a language enthusiast, there is something in the game for you to enjoy. You only need to invest some practice and think strategically to be able to guess the words easily.

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