Wordle Golf

About Wordle Golf

Wordle is no stranger among the community of puzzle game lovers. The word-guessing game has become a phenomenon since its release during the COVID-19 pandemic with millions of players within a few months. However, it is only a single player puzzle game not allowing players to compete with others.

How to share the fun with your buddies? No worries! The release of Wordle Golf has changed the way people enjoy the Wordle game. Borrowing from the method of calculating points and evaluating performance in golf, this variant allows players to compare their own achievement in Wordle with others.

In detail, Wordle Golf provides a digital sheet for Wordle players to post their scores on and share their performance with others. Also, from the shareable link, other players can fill in their scores and send them to another one. Simply put, this version can be regarded as a live forum for Wordle lovers to show their scores and compare them with the scores of other players.

How To Play Wordle Golf Game

The game comes with simple graphics. On the left side of the screen, you will see a board where you can fill in your name or nickname and the score you have gained from the daily Wordle game.

The score in Wordle equals the number of guesses you have used to figure out the hidden word of the game. The lower the number is, the better your performance becomes. Hence, you can see a relationship between the original Wordle and Wordle Golf; the fewer tries you take to win the game, the higher the score is.

Besides, on the left board is the ranking table of the game. On the table, you can see the rank of players participating in the competition. Each column will display the player's related statistics. Remember that in the "Points" column, the lower the number is, the more excellent the player is.

How To Use The Function Of Wordle Golf?

To switch to multiplayer mode, you have to copy the game link and share it with other players. Once a player fills in information on the boards, anyone with the link can keep track of the score. The figures on the boards are fixed and can't be interfered with.

At the beginning of next Monday, the Wordle Golf game will automatically reset for a new round. For this reason, try your best to gain a prominent result within the week to surpass other rivals. Now, let's have fun with your fellow friends!

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