About Wordologic

At first glance, puzzle game lovers may mistake Wordologic for the famous wordle game, which is also a legendary word-guessing game that attracts millions of players. That is understandable because Wordologic can be considered an upgraded version of the original version in terms of difficulty.

In Wordle, players must spot the hidden five-letter English word within 6 tries. However, the mission is much more difficult in the Wordologic game.

In particular, you must complete a puzzle of four hidden four-letter English words within 10 tries. Even when the number of letters is reduced along with more allowed guesses, the game can still give players the hard time figuring out all the answers.

Playing Tutorial Of The Wordologic Game

The screen will appear with a 4x4 grid surrounded by 4 square boxes on the top and the other 4 on the right side. Each row will equal one four-letter word, and you must submit four words to complete one grid before going on to the next grid.

You don't need to guess the entire four words in one grid. On the other hand, you can gradually spot the correct word throughout the game. For example, it is acceptable that you find the first word in the first row, the second word in the fourth row, or so on.

However, to win the game, you must put all four words in one grid and submit them. After submitting your guess, you will receive hints for each completed grid.

Hints In Wordologic

The hints in Wordologic will be given to you in the form of Wordle's hints, but their appearances will bring separate meanings. Besides, all the colored hints will be put in the row and column of squares surrounding the grid.

If the yellow color appears in a square in the row, it means that one of the letters on the squares below is included in the secret word but in another order.

For instance, the second square of the row contains one yellow dot; it indicates that the second spots in the first, second, third, and fourth rows of the grid consist of a letter in the correct word but not in that position.

The same rule is applied to columns with colored dots. Yet, the colors in the column will express clues for the whole row on its left side.

Besides the yellow color is the green color. Unlike the yellow color showing a nearly correct guess, the green letter is a sign of a perfect guess. You win the game when all the squares, even the grid and the surrounding squares are colored green.

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