Words From Words

Brief Outlook At The Words From Words Game

A puzzle game attracts players not only by its simple and interesting challenge but also by the practical benefits players can receive via the game. Therefore, some amazing puzzle games featuring educational purposes are well-favored among the community of puzzle game lovers. In this article, we will have a look at the Words From Words game.

It is a puzzle game involving players to guess hidden English words from letters included in a given word in advance. For example, let’s say the game starts with the word "EXAMPLE." Your mission is to find out as many valid English words as possible from the letters "E, X, A, M, P, L, E."

The Words From Words game can be a decent and joyful way for English learners to expand their vocabulary and revise all the words they have learned before. Furthermore, the game can also be a means for you to determine the progress you have made while learning English so far.

How To Play The Words From Words Game?

There are 18 levels in the Words From Words game, and you can unlock only one level at a time. After getting straight into level 1, you will have a word given in advance to figure out different English words from the letters of the given word.

You don't have to click or choose the number of letters in a word because the system can automatically recognize a valid word you guess and count it as a correct answer.

You can choose to find all the words to process to the next level, or you can just spot the longest word in the round to get a Star. One star is enough for you to unlock the next level.

What To Do When Running Out Of Ideas?

In case you have no words to fill in the grid, you can ask for help from the game. In the first level, you will have unlimited guidance from the game. Yet, in the next levels, the number of hints will depend on the number of words you can find in the previous round.

To activate the support, press the light bulb icon above the game grid. However, think of as many words as possible before applying this guidance.

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