Words Geems

About Words Geems

Words Geems can be considered a wordplay from word games and gems. In this game, players must use all of their available word sources to find English words containing 3 to 8 letters.

The twist is that the gameplay includes gems in the words. During the game, some special letters (gems) will give you extra points when you build a word that contains them.

The game will evaluate your performance depending on the scores you achieve from submitting valid English words. The 3-minute countdown clock gives you a sense of urgency, taking the excitement to a new height. You should try your best to get as many correct words as possible within the time frame.

It will be fun when you compete with your friends to compare who can score better in the Words Geems.

How To Play The Words Geems Game?

Once you press the Play button, the clock will start counting down your three minutes to guess words. The game will give you a row including random alphabetical letters, and you can form words from the given letters only.

With each correct word, the letters provided for the guessed word will change into other letters. Moreover, you can use the Skipword function to shuffle the letters even when you haven’t made a precise guess.

Only correctly spelled words are accepted in the Words Geems Game and awarded points. Since the game consists of a countdown clock, there will be more pressure for players to figure out possible words than in other word games, like the Wordle game and its variants.

Tips For Words Geems

Words Geems doesn't give players hints like other titles. However, it still leaves a small path for players to score higher points with external hints.

In detail, when you can't think of a possible guess for the puzzle, you can switch to another browser tab to save more time for your solving. While you are not on the playing page, the game will automatically pause your play without counting the time down.

Furthermore, don't try to figure out a long word containing many letters to score higher points because it may waste your time. On the contrary, you should aim to score by getting short words containing special letters or gems.

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