What’s Special About The Xordle Game?

The Xordle game is a variant of the famous Wordle game, and you can see it from the similar “dle” ending. Both feature a word-guessing gameplay, in which players must find out the secret words to win the game. However, Xordle has some extra features to challenge you more. This is great news for those finding the Wordle game too easy for them!

In this variant, instead of figuring out one word, you must spot two correct hidden English words. Not one by one, but both the words simultaneously. What’s more, the hints included in the game may confuse you because they will be applied to both words throughout the game. Coming with a more complex level, the Xordle game provides you with eight guesses, two more than the original Wordle game.

How To Play The Xordle Game

Playing the Xordle game is simple, and anyone can effortlessly get used to it. You can enjoy the game by forming a five-letter English word with the physical or virtual keyboard. And don’t forget to submit it by pressing Enter after your guess.

It will give you a word with colored hints in advance, so you can rely on them to go further in the game. According to the developer, each Xordle game will be based on a theme or image created by AI, so you can take the given word as a clue to make guesses related to that theme.

However, the AI-generated image may not be relevant to the two hidden words at all, adding a layer of difficulty. Consequently, the theme may not be a reliable guide for you.

Other Hints In The Game

Almost every Wordle-like game features colored hints, and the Xordle game is not the opposite. With this version, you will also face the three common colors: green, yellow, and gray.

  • The green color is applied for letters that appear in the correct position of one of the words. For instance, the secret words are “COLOR” and “ELBOW,” so the word “CLOUD” will have the “C” and “L” colored in green, but the “CL” won’t be a suitable combination for a correct guess.
  • The yellow color is for letters included in one of the words, but you have misplaced them.
  • The gray color represents a letter not showing both words.
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