What Is Yeezle?

Yeezle is a puzzle game that is developed based on the famous music career of the million-fan rapper, Ye. Unlike other word games requiring players to guess a secret word, this game will challenge players to figure out a random song by rapper Ye.

The guessing engine of Yeezle is inspired by the word-guessing game wordle, so you can see the “dle” ending as a reminder of the original version. Briefly, you can consider Yeezle as a Wordle variant but with a different theme and guessing object.

We bet that this title will be an optimal choice for any Kayne West fan to express their affection towards the brilliant products of their idol. On the other hand, if you have set the very first steps into the world of Ye’s masterpieces, Yeezle can be a chance for you to equip yourself with more knowledge about the extraordinary rapper.

The Yeezle Game - Playing Tutorial

You can notice the guessing box beneath the game’s logo; this is where you make your guess. Firstly, you will spare a guess with a random Kayne West song. After you finish typing in a song’s name, press the “Guess” button on the screen to submit your guess.

You will have 8 allowed guesses to figure out the secret song. If you are a newcomer, the system will assist you with an automatic dropping-down list when you type a relevant letter of the hidden song.

Therefore, you can decide your choice by clicking or tapping the name. After your guess is submitted, you will get some provided clues.

Hints In Yeezle

The hint in the game will come in the form of color, like in Wordle, and the green color is still an indication of a perfect guess. You will win the game when the song you guess comes with a row full of green features.

Besides, the yellow color will be applied to some specific sections in the game:

  • In the Track Number and Album column, the yellow color expresses that the order of the guessed song is within 2 tracks or albums from the correct one. You can spot whether it is less or more via the up and down arrows.
  • Similarly, the yellow color in the Track Length column can be understood as in the Track Number and Album columns. Yet, the correct figure will be around 30 seconds from the guessed one.
  • In the Features column (if the song has been featured), the yellow color will tell you that one of the shown artists has featured in the secret song.
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