Quick Intro To The Bardle Game

It’s widely accepted that almost every puzzle game with the “dle” ending is a variant of the million-player wordle nyt game. And the Bardle game is not the opposite. It is also a word-guessing game but with a different theme.

While Wordle challenges players with every word in the English dictionary, Bardle only covers the words related to the famous playwright and poem of William Shakespeare.

In this variant, you will have to guess six-letter English words instead of five-letter ones like in the original version. Yet, the number of allowed guesses stays the same, with six attempts at max.

The game will automatically end when you use up all six tries. If you can find the hidden word within the allowed guesses, you will win. Or else it will be counted as a loss.

Remember that only one challenge is available daily, so it may take you up to 24 hours to get a new game.

The Bardle Game’s Simple Gameplay

The gameplay of a word-guessing game is often extremely straightforward, especially with a Wordle NYT game’s variant. You can play Bardle using your keyboard to form a possible word guess. After arranging a word, you must press Enter to submit it.

No matter each word you choose, it must satisfy the following requirements:

  • It must be a correctly spelled English word
  • It must contain six letters
  • Besides, you should aim for the famous words showing up in the legendary products from William Shakespeare.

    How To Understand The Meaning Of Hints?

    The hints in the Bardle game will appear after you submit an approved word and in the form of three colors, nothing related to the original Wordle NYT game:

  • The orange color will be applied to the letter included in the hidden word, but you must alter its position in the subsequent guess.
  • The gray color only shows up when the letter is not contained in the solution word.
  • The light blue color will be a great indication of a perfect choice. A letter is colored light blue and is completely placed where it should be. A row full of light blue letters means you win the game.
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