Betweenle: The Magic Of Alphabet Order

Are you a linguistic expert ready for a thrilling adventure with the alphabet? Created by Nebula Bytes, Betweenle is considered one of the most fantastic variants of the Wordle game, with innovative features to blow up your mind. Its unique concept guarantees brain training and engaging entertainment. Check out the game rules below!

How To Play Betweenle Game

The Daily Mode takes place with a captivating interface that sets the stage for linguistic excitement. The game starts with only one answer sheet between the rows representing top and bottom words. Like in wordle, your mission is to uncover a secret 5-letter word. However, brace yourself for surprises in the way the hints are distributed.

Just kick off with any valid term. When your input is not the correct answer, it moves up or down based on the Alphabetical order. If it goes up, the secret word is placed after the entered word and vice versa.

Additionally, the orange dots indicate the estimated distance from the mystery keyword to your inputs. The number displayed represents the percentage of words from the entire dictionary in which the hidden term is located. Suppose you come across number 15. It means the secret word is around 15% of the way through the dictionary.

Try to shorten these distances to a minimum after each try to get closer to the correct answer. When the numbers and orange dot reach the smallest value, you have completed the goal.

Remember that you only have 14 turns to solve the puzzle, and limitations may hinder your speculation. Your subsequent inputs must fall within the range defined by the two previous words.

Notes When Playing

Here's the winning tip: Keep your eye on the character panel above the keyboard. It grays out invalid characters based on the actual conditions of your game. Consider the remaining valid options for each letter of your input to narrow down the possibilities.

The faster you unlock your target keyword, the higher your score. Within the first 5 tries, you score a perfect 5 out of 5. Every following three turns deducts one point. After 2 times like that, the two subsequent attempts are followed by a drop of 2, and the last effort earns you a single point. Of course, it's game over if you cannot solve the puzzle of the day.

It is worth noting that Daily Mode only serves one play per day. The new challenge updates at midnight local time. In the meantime, access the Levels section on the main screen for two other modes:

  • Practice: Enjoy a daily challenge with no play limit. Each time you log in, a new puzzle awaits.
  • Levels: Test your skills with 20 puzzles, each with 14 turns. Once you conquer a round, you'll proceed to the next exciting adventure.
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