Binerdle - A Fun Game For Nerds

Binerdle is a variation based on Nerdle inspired by Wordle but focuses on numbers instead of characters. So how is it different from the original? As the name suggests, the game offers two math operations in the same grid to increase the difficulty level. For the rest of the features, it plays out the way you're used to with its predecessors.

How To Play Binerdle Game

Game Rule

When you log in to the main screen, you come across an empty grid consisting of two subdivisions. This design implies two important settings: no hints given from the beginning and 2 hidden calculations. You have a total of 7 turns to collect clues and find the correct answers.

All you need to do is enter exact math from the virtual keyboard and consider the possibilities. You can only use 1-9 numbers, four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and only the ONE "=" symbol. Like other titles in the same Wordle universe, the system measures and displays the accuracy of your inputs using a color scheme.

Specifically, green indicates that the digit or math symbol is in the correct position. Purple suggests swapping the digit or symbol’s position. If the tile turns gray, it is not included in the final result. Once the horizontal line in both calculations turns all green, you become the winner.

Essential Notes

Besides the basic rules, you need to note some constraints as follows:

  • It can only be a number, not a math operation after the "=."
  • The standard order of operations applies to all challenges. For example, the right answer to "3+2*5" is 13, not 25
  • The commutative answer is accepted unless you disable it in the settings. In other words, 10+20 = 30 or 20+10 = 30 are correct.
  • The game does not use leading or lone zeros, though this input type is still acceptable. Hence, the final result is never 0+5+5=10 or 01+2+1=4. Note that 0 can still appear after the equal sign, like 5-3-2=0
  • Binerdle does not take negative numbers as the correct answer though it is still considered a valid guess.
  • FAQs

    Are There Different Game Types?

    Yes. You can find other modes by visiting the homepage of Nerdle. Do not hesitate to have fun with the mini (6 digits), speed (a timer included) or instant mode (all numbers given and 1 move to win).

    When Does The Game Reset?

    At midnight GMT.

    Can I Play The Previous Challenge?

    Yes. Add a date to the end of the web address, and the system brings you back to the old challenge.

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