Blurdle Introduction

The Blurdle game is a new take on the classic word-guessing game wordle. It was built from scratch by Keith Wiley. At first glance, one may think that it copies Wordle one-to-one. However, that is far from the truth. Blurdle doesn’t focus only on 5-letter words; it also allows 4-letter ones.

With this difference, the game has already more than doubled its difficulty. Furthermore, you must have had a gut feeling that a 4-letter word can fit perfectly when you play Wordle before. With Blurdle accepting both cases, that is no longer just a feeling but a chance.

How To Play Blurdle

The Blurdle game’s core gameplay doesn’t change much from the Wordle game's. You will begin each new day with a unique mystery word randomly picked from the game’s huge database. Then, you type your guess in and wait for the tiles to change color.

Green letters all around mean you guess everything correctly, beating the game. On the other hand, gray letters signify that they don’t appear in the word, while yellow letters do appear in the word, just at another spot. You need to refine subsequent guesses from this information until you can solve the puzzle.

The difference lies in how the game allows you to guess 4-letter and 5-letter words. This decision introduces a new layer of depth to the game. Of course, you also get more chances to solve the challenge. If you go through all 8 attempts, though, you still lose.

Tips To Play Blurdle

Remember that while Blurdle accepts both 4- and 5-letter words, never start out with 4-letter ones. After all, the first few words should always be to test the water. If you use a 4-letter word, you lose one character each time.

Another good recommendation is to include as many vowels and consonants in your first guess as possible. All words have at least one vowel, and most words have at least one consonant. Combining these will help you narrow the choices down significantly.


All in all, Blurdle is a compelling twist on the word-guessing genre. With its addition of 4-letter words and 8 chances to guess, it reinvents the old gameplay to be more strategic and challenging. The game is also suitable for all skill levels, thanks to its handy auto-solver feature.

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