BTS Wordle

What Is The BTS Wordle?

The wordle game is a legend that any puzzle game lover should try at least once. Within a few months after its release in 2021, it could attain hundreds of millions of players around the world. Due to its incredible success, the original version has many variants with modified features.

There is a combination of the exciting Wordle with the reputable K-pop boyband BTS, which is called the BTS Wordle game. Although this is a fan-made version, it is still a title worth trying not only for BTS fans but also for other puzzle game lovers.

In this variant, players still have the mission of finding a secret English word. Yet, the theme and the hidden word will be anything specifically related to the BTS boyband. Let’s have a look at how you can play the game.

Playing Tutorial Of The Wordle BTS Game

You can skip this section if you have played Wordle before, but if you are an Army playing it for the first time, keep following.

BTS Wordle will give you a virtual keyboard full of all the alphabetical letters. You will use five letters to form a word guess. Notably, the word must contain 5 letters only and be a correctly spelled English word. After arranging a word, you must press Enter to submit your guess. Then, a list of clues will be offered to guide you.

Remember that you only have one round to play the BTS Wordle game daily. Whether you find the hidden word or not, you must wait until the next day for a new challenge. So, make the most of your time to figure out the secret word within the limited time.

Hints In BTS Wordle

The game will provide players with three hints in the form of three colors:

  • The dark color means that the letter is not included in the hidden word.
  • Yellow indicates the letter is included in the secret word, but you need to rearrange its position in your subsequent guess.
  • The purple color hints that the letter is completely put in the correct position and contained in the hidden word. Congratulations, you win the game when you get a word full of purple letters.
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