What’s Confusle?

To summarize, Confusle is your classic wordle game with a new twist. This new variant of the classic word-guessing game is created by Acemuzzy using Reactle’s open-source code on GitHub. Due to this openness, the game is much more customizable and flexible.

The creator also added a social aspect to the game by allowing the players to record their statistics and share them with friends all over the world. You can show off your total number of tries, success rate, current streak of correct guesses, and best-ever streak.

How To Play Confusle?

The core gameplay still revolves around the regular word-guessing game; you need to guess a five-letter word. After you have put in your guess, the letters are colored either green, yellow, or gray.

If it’s green, then the letter appears in the answer and is in the correct position. When it’s yellow, the letter does exist in the word, but its position is wrong. If the letter isn’t available in the word, it’s gray.

Confusle’s genius twist lies here: each time you guess, one character is colored wrong. This wrong information adds much depth to the game and improves its replayability. Figuring out which part of your guess is giving false information is fun.

Of course, when you put in your next guess, the game will then tell you about the lie. It does so by turning that information red, letting you know it’s unreliable.

If you are confident in your ability, the game does offer hard mode. In this mode, you will not get any hint about the lie and have to rely on your own wits to figure the correct answer out.

Tips For Playing Confusle

The most vital tip you should remember is that the first three lines should be used to check things out.

It’s best to follow up your first guess with a word of entirely different characters. This allows you to cover more ground and makes it easier to figure the word out. The third guess should be used to figure out the lie.

You should also prepare one word that you are most comfortable with, then make it your starting guess. This word should have double letters, preferably vowels. Doing so makes guessing the right word much easier.

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