Daily Jumble

Daily Jumble: Serial Challenges At One Go

As its name suggests, Daily Jumble is a kind of jumble game available online for free. It brings hours of fun and stimulates the brain through many mini-challenges in one go. In other words, you must go through several stages to savor the sweet taste of victory. Let's learn more about this addictive puzzle game below.

How To Play Daily Jumble Game

Basic Gameplay

As you enter the game, you will come across many sets of random characters and answer tiles with corresponding numbers of squares. The number of keywords and word length changes depending on each day's challenge. This also means many different difficulty levels to test your skills. Your mission is to decode the jumbled letters in all boxes and arrange them in a reasonable order to form a meaningful English word.

But the puzzle game is not over! Once you are done with the answer tiles, a new challenge shows up with a few letters taken from the answers above and marked with circles. This time, it is a phrase related to the picture on the right screen, requiring you to work it out to win.

In the web interface, drag and drop characters into the answer square to create an answer. Pull the misplaced letter back to the original clue box if you want to remove it. For the mobile version, you can tap on the letters in your desired order. It is best for you to set the Portrait mode on your smartphone for easier navigation.


The game sets a perfect score, representing the highest score you can achieve based on the difficulty of daily challenges. Each letter is equivalent to 10 points - the more keywords or the longer the mysterious word is, the greater the score to aim for.

Your score also depends on your playing speed - the faster, the higher. If you come up with the answers within the first 30 seconds, the original score is multiplied by 5. Let's say you find two correct answers – one 4-letter word and one 5-letter word within the first 30 seconds. You achieve: 4*10*5+5*10*5 = 450 points.

But remember, as time ticks away, the multiplier decreases from 4x to 1x. If you use Hints, accept the trade-off of a 15-point deduction.


Feel free to get hints if you are at a dead end. Click the Hint button on the left side of the screen, where you get a correct letter of the keyword you are working on. Unfortunately, every good thing comes at a cost.

On the bright side, this game has a little secret to give you a leg up. Look at the picture on the right side of the screen that depicts a short conversation. It's not just there for decoration but implies a valuable clue. If you can crack the entire statement and fill in those missing gaps before you even begin, you are in for a treat!

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