About The Dungleon Game

Dungleon sounds similar to the word “Dungeon,” which often appears in the game and has fictional content about fantasy characters like monsters or superheroes. That’s right because this is the theme of the Dungleon game. Interestingly, it is also a variant of the famous nyt wordle game.

In Wordle, players must correctly spot the hidden five-letter English word. And Dungleon shares the same gameplay but with a novel theme.

In particular, players must precisely guess and arrange the fictional characters into an appropriate secret dungeon composition of the game. The game will be extremely exciting for people who want to test their logical thinking and still merge into the world of fantasy characters.

How To Play Dungleon

When playing this game, you don’t have to make a word guess by typing in letters. Instead, you will make your guess by tapping or clicking the icon of the fictional characters of the game.

There are 20 different characters available, and they are not related to others in any way. You can check whether the characters are heroes or monsters by choosing them. Names of the characters will be revealed when they are put in the blank squares.

Each composition will contain 5 characters, and you can reuse a character in a composition. You can notice the reappearance of a character by looking at the small “plus” sign at the top right corner of the character image.

What’s more, players only have six available guesses to win. Whether you lose or win the game, there is only one challenge daily for you.

Understand The Hints

The Dungleon game offers players hints via a set of colors, just like the Wordle NYT game does, but with different colors.

  • The green color means that the character shows up in the composition, and you put it correctly in the order.
  • The yellow color indicates that the character is also included in the composition, but you have mistaken its order.
  • The purple color is a sign of a wrong choice.
  • Apart from colors, the system also provides players with clues via the special items in the game. For example, the magical stick icon at the left bottom color of the table will show you a character contained in the composition. Yet, the stick only emerges when you find at least one green character.

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