Easy Wordle

About Easy Wordle

Word-guessing games have recently seen an increasing number, allowing people to have fun and relax while developing their logical thinking. Among hundreds of titles on the Internet, Wordle always stands out as one of the most fascinating products with many wonderful features.

However, some beginners, like non-English-speaking players, may find the Wordle puzzle quite tough to solve and soon become desperate for the game. In this case, Easy Wordle was released to make the challenge in the original version more comfortable for amateurs.

This version resembles Wordle in almost every section, except for the difficulty level. The word source of the Easy Wordle game only contains the easy and common words, which are often introduced to English learners for the very first time. So, it’s an effective and enjoyable learning method for those who have started learning this language.

Playing The Easy Wordle Game

The Easy Wordle game, as its name suggests, has the simplest gameplay you have ever tried. You can make a guess in the game via the alphabetical keyboard and submit your guess by pressing Enter. The word you form must be a valid English word and contain 5 letters.

Besides, you only have six tries to figure out the hidden word of the game. If you can solve the puzzle or use up all the available guesses, the Easy Wordle game will end.

The game only resets with a new round at 0h00 the next day, so you may have to wait up to 24 hours for a new Easy Wordle game. Otherwise, you can skip the waiting by replaying the Easy Wordle game in the browser's Incognito mode.

Color Hints In The Easy Wordle Game

Although the Easy Wordle game is easier than the original version and other variants, it still provides players with practical hints about the game:

  • The gray color is a sign of an incorrect guess. A gray letter is not a part of the hidden word.
  • The green color is applied to letters that are contained in the hidden word and placed in the precise order of the guessed word. The game awards you a victory when you get a word full of green letters.
  • The yellow color implies two meanings. The green letter appears in the hidden word, but its position in the guessed word doesn’t match its correct position in the secret word.
  • How To Win The Game

  • Always start the game with a consistent lucky word with as many vowels as possible. Maybe one day, you may win the game in the first move with it.
  • Create a word with many different letters. The more letters you can put into a word, the more clues you can receive from the game.
  • Avoid reusing the gray letters to save your guess. They are your mistakes, so you’d better pay attention to other letters.
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