What To Know About The Foxdle Game

Almost every puzzle game having the “dle” ending must be relevant and be a variant of the wordle nyt game. So is the Foxdle game. It belongs to the word-guessing genre, like the original Wordle, but it shows the solution word in advance. In this version, the answer is always the word “FOXES,” no matter on which day you play the game.

That’s why players won’t struggle to find the secret word because it is already there. However, this situation won’t cause players to find the game boring. On the contrary, you can utilize their creations to think of thousands of steps leading to the “FOXES” word. In other words, gamers will have to arrange other English words with relevant letters so that the final solution will be “FOXES.”

Long story short, even when you get the “destination,” you have to map out the route to that final word. So, this game will still give you lots of fun and excitement when playing.

The Foxdle Game’s Playing Tutorial

Playing the Foxdle game is nothing different from the Wordle NYT game. Both of the games allow players to fill words in the blank spaces via the physical and virtual keyboard. The words in the Foxdle game must be correctly spelled five-letter English words. Or else the system won’t count your guess.

What’s more, it’s always compulsory for you to press Enter to submit the answer after each guess. The system will give out hints whenever players finish submitting their guesses.

What Are Meanings Of The Colors In The Game?

In the Foxdle game, you will notice the appearance of three colors: yellow, green, and gray. Each of them has a separate meaning.

  • The green and yellow colors are only applied to the letters of the solution word, which are “F,” “O,” “X,” “E,” and “S.” If these letters turn green, it means that they are put in the same positions as theirs in the word “FOXES.”
  • On the other hand, if these letters are in yellow, you must alter their positions in the later guess to match the positions in the word “FOXES.”
  • Apart from the two colors, the gray color will be applied to all other letters except for the five letters of the keyword.
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