What’s Gauntletle?

Word-guessing web-based games have been popping up a lot after the wildly successful wordle nyt game. However, many of them don’t offer anything new, as most just straight-up copy Wordle. That is not the case with the Gauntletle game, as it offers a new way to play and customizable challenges.

Gauntletlee is a variation that provides a more challenging gameplay. Instead of figuring out one five-letter word, you now have to figure out five five-letter words. While seemingly not much, this increase in quantity gives the classic game a new depth.

If you aren’t satisfied with the base game, Gauntletle also allows you to create your own custom game. You can then share your creation with anyone you wish using the game's unique link.

How To Play Gauntletle Game?

The game is fairly simple. You have five tries to guess five words with five letters. After filling in your guess, the tile will change color according to the closeness between the answer and what you wrote.

If you guess the correct letter and the letter is in its rightful spot, it will turn green. On the other hand, a letter that does appear in the answer but is in the wrong spot will turn yellow. Finally, if your letter turns gray, it does not appear in the answer.

Your previous guesses will be seeded as your starting guess, lessening the hardness of the challenge.

Tips To Play Gauntletle

The best tip for playing the Gauntletle game is to start with as many vowels as possible on the first try. Vowels will always appear in words, so you need to first figure out which vowel the answer contains.

From then on, the game becomes a whole lot easier. All you need to do is figure out the words having those vowels.

The second tip that you should remember is to use two very different words for the first two tries. This approach ensures that you cover as many letters in the alphabet as possible. There is also no reiteration, so you don’t waste any resources. As a result, you will have an easier time identifying the answer.


The Gauntletle game is truly a great way to challenge your mind further if the classic Wordle ever becomes too repetitive. It promises a more expansive word library and unique difficulty levels. As a result, you can find something on your level, no matter how skilled you are.

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