About Growdle

As you can see from the game’s name, Growdle is an upgraded version of Wordle - a world-famous title. Wordle is a puzzle game in which players must correctly guess a five-letter English word. Despite having simple graphics, it is still an outstanding puzzle game for people relaxing in their quick resting time.

So, Growdle inherits the guessing gameplay from the original Wordle game. However, some features have been added to this adaptation, making it more interesting and difficult for players of all ages. In particular, you will have to face a new challenge once you finish one. In total, you must precisely spot three hidden words.

At first, the game will challenge you with a three-letter word, which is extremely simple to solve. If you can solve the puzzle, two more letters will be added to the secret word in the next challenge, increasing the number of letters in the hidden word to 5 letters. Then, the last challenge will have seven letters. In each round, you will have six chances to guess the hidden word.

Playing Rules Of The Growdle Game

Firstly, players will have to solve a secret word consisting of three letters. The task is like a piece of cake to almost everyone. Once you find the hidden three-letter word, the game will move you to the next mission of dealing with a five-letter word.

However, the letters in the three-letter words will still remain and be colored yellow. You can use them as clues for spotting the correct word faster. For this reason, you can deal with all the missions in the Growdle game faster than expected.

The words you form must contain the number of letters equivalent to the number of square boxes shown on the screen. Besides, they must be correctly spelled in English.

Meanings Of The Colors

The Growdle game offers players with a set of colored hints with the following meanings:

  • Letters colored green are precisely put in the word’s order, and they appear in the hidden word.
  • Letters colored yellow also show up in the secret word, but their positions are different from what they should be in the correct word.
  • Letters colored gray are not included in the word.
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