Heardle 2000s

What To Know About The Heardle 2000s Game?

If you are a big fan of puzzle games, you can realize the “Heardle” name is related to a phenomenal game, the Wordle game.

In the past few years since its release, the Wordle game has gained millions of players worldwide. For this reason, the game inspires many game developers to create their own guessing game. The Heardle 2000s is a clear example that comes with a music theme.

In this variant, players will be challenged with a hidden song composed and released in the period from 2000 to 2010. All the songs are from the US and UK, so they must have been globally famous and easy to figure out.

The Playing Tutorial For Heardle 2000s

You will start the game by pushing the Playing button to listen to a one-second audio of the secret song. Unless you are truly a fan of the artists, you can’t recognize a song from the first note. Consequently, just make a random guess to get added time to the audio.

To guess the potential song, you can type the song’s name on the guessing box below the Playing button. When you fill in any letter in the box, the system automatically gives you some related names. Thanks to this function, you won’t have trouble remembering the song’s names.

For each wrong answer, you will get a few seconds added to the audio’s duration. The seconds will be equivalent to the order of the guess. For example, two seconds will be counted on the second try, and three seconds will be added on the third try. Therefore, you will get a total of 17 seconds in the audio, equivalent to 6 allowed guesses in the game.

How To Get More Seconds Added To The Audio

Apart from making a wrong guess to get more seconds applied to the audio, you can use the Skip button. By pressing this button, the system will consider you using one guess and eliminate the guess. Of course, times will be added to the audio.

If you just aim to win the game but do not get a high score by using the least guess possible, it’s ideal to skip to the final guess.

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