Heardle 80s

What Is The Heardle 80s Game?

The Wordle game has been a phenomenal product since its release and paved the way for many puzzle games with the guessing gameplay.

The Heardle 80s game is a notable variant of the Wordle game. However, instead of guessing the secret English word, Heardle 80s game players must find the hidden song or music from a quick audio play.

This is the reason why the game has the name Heardle. Besides, the music in the game is classic and vintage songs and pieces of music back to the 1980s. Therefore, players can retrieve the good old days of their past when playing the Heardle 80s game.

The Heardle 80s Game Playing Tutorial

At first, the game will give you a one-second intro of a random song. You have to click on the Play button to listen to the music. Then, make your guess by tying the possible song’s name in the box below the Playing button.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the title of the song since the system will suggest related names whenever you type a letter. Of course, it's not easy to figure out the correct name at first guess.

Therefore, if you make a wrong guess, you can hear an additional part of the playing audio. In general, you will have six guesses in total to spot the precise song’s name, equivalent to 16 seconds of the audio being played.

If you don’t want to make any guesses but jump into the last guess to hear 16 seconds of the audio, you can press “Skip” to reach the last allowed guess and use all of your luck and knowledge there.

How To Deal With “Unavailable Audio In Your Location” Error?

Due to the copyright issue, the music may be available on Soundcloud in some world regions. The problem will hinder you from listening to the audio. Consequently, you can’t make any guesses at all.

To deal with the Unavailable audio issue, you can opt for a Fake VPN extension on your browsers. The Extension is free and can be quickly installed on the browser. Once you finish installing the VPN software, activate it, then reload the page of the Heardle 80s game.

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