What Is Nordle?

To begin with, you should know about the wordle game first. It is a word-guessing game challenging players to find a five-letter English word within 6 tries.

Nordle is a Wordle-based version, which also inherits the guessing gameplay of the original one. However, this spin-off introduces new features with enhanced difficulty. In detail, players must solve more than one word at a time.

By that, we mean you will face double or triple the difficulty when playing this version. However, you can adjust the difficulty tailored to your competence.

Get Started With The Nordle Game

Firstly, Nordle will give you the default grid of the Wordle game with 5 columns and 6 rows. You can adjust the difficulty to enjoy the hard-core level by hitting the up and down arrows beside the number on the top of the playing page. The number is equivalent to the number of hidden words you must solve simultaneously in a challenge.

For example, if you choose “n=3”, you must handle three secret words at once. Except for the adjustable difficulty, you won’t find Nordle different from the original version.

You will make your guess by submitting a word arranged by alphabetical letters. The guesses must be valid English words and contain 5 letters only. For each number of words you decide to solve in each game, you will get one more available guess added. Therefore, you will have 7 allowed guesses when dealing with two words, 8 guesses when solving 3 words, and so on.

Understanding Of Hints

You will find three familiar colors in the Nordle game. They are:

  • The green color represents the perfect guess. These letters are in the secret word, and they are put in the correct position.
  • The yellow color is a sign of a nearly correct guess. Although yellow letters are in the solution words, you must re-position them in the later try.
  • The gray color is for letters not showing up in the hidden words.
  • Tricks For The Nordle Game

    You shouldn’t solve all the hidden words at a time. On the contrary, you should focus on the grid with the most green letters and finish it first. By doing this, you can save as many guesses as possible for your game.

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