About The Smartle Game

Word-guessing games may sometimes be boring due to their simple gameplay and mediocre graphics, but this is not the case with Smartle. Despite having a game engine and ideas similar to the legendary wordle game, this variant seems to be a better upgrade of the original version.

In detail, it is designed with a more well-made layout and creative gameplay than the Wordle game. Furthermore, the puzzles in Smartle are modified to a new level so that players will find further excitement when solving them.

Instead of typing the word guess like in the Wordle game, the Smartle game requires players to rearrange the random and unorganized letters in the grid to form valid English words in each row.

Therefore, the hidden words that must be solved here are 5, 4 more than in the Wordle game, which will demand more of your word source and deduction skill.

How To Play The Smartle Game

The Smartle game starts with a 5x5 grid, meaning you must find five 5-letter English words from the shuffled letters. The guessing engine doesn't involve typing like other word-guessing games.

However, you have to use your computer mouse or finger tap to drag letters from different positions and combine them into the correct five-letter English words. You will arrange the letters horizontally on five rows but not vertically following the columns.

If you can come up with a precise word guess, the game will automatically regard it as points for you. Besides the correct guess, the number of swaps you have to make to result in a precise word will be considered to count your points.

You win the game when spotting all the 5-letter words in the game. Don't worry about the clock because it only records the time you spend on guessing words.

Hints In The Smartle Game

You have 3 times to opt for guidance from the Smartle game when being overwhelmed with the puzzles and don't know what to do. To activate the help, press the Light bulb icon on the right side of the grid. Then, press "Use a hint" to allow the system to arrange a correct word for you. Press "OK" to confirm your activation of the support.

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