Text Twist 2

Introduce Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is a flexible guessing-word game with a series of brain-twisting words that players must constantly guess. The outstanding feature in this game is the guessing-word capacity—as many vocabularies as possible.

The game will provide letters on the screen W A U N P R; players must enter meaningful words with a different number of letters (at least 3 and at most 6). For example, there are PAN, WRAP, UNWRAP, etc.

This is a thinking and challenging game for all ages. The adults will have entertaining minutes while the children will improve their grammar and vocabulary.

Outstanding Features in Game

Unlike other puzzle games, Text Twist 2 brings an entirely different experience:

  • Players must use their creative language skills to fill in a variety of keywords.
  • Through this word game, players can test their level of English literacy.
  • There is a timer per round, increasing pressure and excitement for players.
  • It isn't an easy-to-play puzzle game when the difficulty will increase via each round.
  • How To Win Text Twist 2 in Every Round

    If you’re accessing our game, particularly Text Twist 2, let’s press “Start” to challenge the first round within two minutes:

    Various must-find words: The game will give 6 letters arranged out of order. Your task is to make a variety of words with 3, 4, 5, or 6 letters.

    The more words you use, the higher your scores will be. If possible, you can fill up the empty squares with meaningful words. You'll receive a certain score with each entered word that Text Twist 2 accepts, so let's try to enter as many words as possible.

    Focus on essential keywords to win: It forces you to enter all squares. You can fill in many words, but you must provide enough necessary words—the shortest and longest.

    More useful Twist button than you think: When you cannot think of any answer with a sequence of 6 letters the game offers, it's best to try clicking "Twist" on the screen. Sometimes, the answer will immediately be displayed.

    Limited time: Remember that you only have 2 minutes to complete the required words. If you fill the keywords with enough 3, 4, 5, and 6 characters, you can still continue to fill others when the time doesn't run out.

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