What Is The Tradle Game?

If you are a fan of puzzle games, you must have played the Wordle game at least once. The word-guessing game is a masterpiece that can be played on any device’s platform and graphic settings. For this reason, many players opt for the Wordle game as the remarkable choice when they are looking for a pastime in their free time.

Due to its massive popularity, many spin-offs are developed with the inspiration from the Wordle game. And the Tradle game is an outstanding example. This variant not only features the interesting guessing gameplay of the Wordle game but also brings players a new theme to enjoy. Specifically, instead of figuring out a five-letter English word, Tradle players must find out the correct country with the precise statistics of trading provided by the game.

How To Play The Tradle Game?

At first, you can notice that Tradle will give you a chart of trading figures and the total revenues of trading in a country in a year. These statistics in each industry will be displayed with separate percentages, the size of the boxes, and colors. You must acquire a decent knowledge of economics and geography to spot which country possesses the demonstrated trading figures.

By hovering your computer mouse on the figure or tapping the colored area, you will see detailed statistics, like the year of the figure, the trading value, and the percentage it counts for in the total trading of the year. The colors will represent trading objects, so you can figure out the correct country if you are really good at economics and geography.

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You can type your guess in the “Pick a location” box, then press Enter to submit your answer. You don’t have to remember the whole name of the country because there will be a drop-down menu when you type in a letter. You must spot the correct country within six guesses, or else you will lose the game.

Understand The Hints

After submitting your guess, other hints will show up. The kilometers figures will tell you how far the correct location is from your guessed country. Moreover, the directional arrows will tell you the direction from the solution country to your guess. Finally, the percentage will demonstrate how close you are to the exact answer.

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