About Victordle

Victordle is a new version of the guessing word game that brings players an engaging head-to-head version. Unlike other traditional puzzle games, the filling-word pace in Victordle is very fast.

Players must enter a correct 5-letter word before their opponents to achieve the final victory. Whether there is a friend or a random opponent, that duel is also attractive and dramatic.

2-in-1 Gameplay: Duel And Turn-By-Turn

Victordle game - a 2-mode guessing word version - provides players with two selections:

Duel - A Time Race

If you choose the Duel mode, you and your opponent will have to be in a challenging race, especially the time that doesn't wait for anyone. It forces you to find the keyword more quickly than the opponent with the limited number of guessing.

This is a balanced battle of word mastery, speed, and intuition. With the adjacent board, you can monitor the whole progress of the next player.

Turn-By-Turn - A Brain-Working Duel

This mode requires the player to take turns entering the 5-letter keyword in the limited time—30 seconds. The must-finish objective is to find the hidden word before the opponent does.

Because of the turn-by-turn format, players must consider a strategic element to optimize each guess.

How To Play

The screen displays two modes to select: Turn-by-turn and Duel. You must pick one to start.

Turn-by-turn: There are all 6 guesses for you and the rest of the players; the time limit is 30 seconds. You or your opponent who guesses the first keyword will be the winner.

In this mode, when your opponent fills in the guessing word, the hints are displayed on your virtual keyboard. Therefore, you need to use the time and suggestions to think and find the fastest answer.

Duel: Both you and your opponent have 6 tries to find the keyword. After he/she enters the guessing word, you can see the colored-highlight squares to recognize his/her progress on the side. It means you must run against the time and optimize your guesses to win.

Like many puzzle games, no matter what mode you choose, your task still guesses a 5-letter keyword with 6 chances. Once the answer is entered, the game will respond with the colored squares, and the color scheme is the same as the original Wordle.

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