Wordle For Friends

What Is The Wordle For Friends Game?

Let’s begin with a brief look at the Wordle game. It is a word-guessing game challenging players to find a five-letter secret English word within 6 tries to win the game. Thanks to the interesting gameplay and outstanding compatibility with devices, the wordle game quickly attained millions of players a few months after its release.

Many Wordle variants are developed with a view to benefiting from the phenomenal reputation of the original Wordle version. Yet, rarely does a spin-off allow its players to arrange a unique gameplay for their friends like the Wordle For Friends game. You can now challenge your friends to solve your own puzzle game. It’s interesting to guess how well your friends can guess the word.

How To Set Up A Word With The Wordle For Friends Game

The Wordle For Friends game starts with a big blank box, and you can clearly see the requirement: “Enter a word.” Therefore, type your desired word in the blank space and press Enter to continue. Remember that the word must be a valid 5-letter English word to be approved.

After you finish arranging the secret word to challenge your friend, you will move to the next stage of filling in your name. Then, press Enter to move on. Lastly, the web page will automatically copy a link to your recently arranged Wordle game. You can now send the link to your friends and guess how long it will take them to solve the puzzle.

The rules and hints in this variant will remain the same as those in the original Wordle game. Your friends will be supported with three colored hints: green, yellow, and gray colors. Besides, they can’t use no more than six guesses to solve your puzzle.

Why Play Wordle For Friends?

The game allows you to get creative with the gameplay and have fun with your loved ones.

It can bring you pleasurable and memorable moments with your friends. You guys can think of funny words or words related to special things that only close friends know about each other. This is a simple yet interesting way to enhance the bond of your friendship. Let’s get to the game now!

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